HCAP Weekly October 10, 2016

Photo of Palolo STEM

In this week’s issue:

Hale Kākou- Rent, Deposit, and Utility Assistance Program Begins Helping Those in Need
STEM Students Prepare for First LEGO League Competition
Kupuna Learn About Fall Prevention
HCAP Continues Partnership with Work Furlough Programs
Kalihi-Palama District Service Center Staff Share Information About HCAP

Hale Kākou- Rent, Deposit, and Utility Assistance Program Begins Helping Those in Need

Photo of Hale Kakou Flyer
This week, HCAP was able to assist a single mother with the help of the Hale Kākou- Rent, Deposit, and Utility Assistance Program. Erica was married for over 20 years and had owned her own home for many of those years. Earlier this year, she made the difficult decision to leave her husband after years of domestic violence. Erica, along with her children moved into a domestic abuse shelter. She feels very fortunate to have the support of the program, but the time has come for her to move out. Her caseworker referred her to HCAP’s Hale Kākou program, and Erica spoke with a HCAP District Service Center Community Worker to make an appointment. The HCAP staff made Erica feel like everything was going to be okay and she was so thankful knowing that someone was willing to help her family. Erica shared, “HCAP has been a totally wonderful experience. I have already recommended HCAP to other ladies in my same situation. One word to sum it all up is ‘BLESSED.’ Thank you for giving me a helping hand, to be able to secure a home for myself and children.”

For more information about HCAP’s new Hale Kākou- Rent, Deposit, and Utility Assistance program, click here.

STEM Students Prepare for First LEGO League Competition

Photo of Kalihi STEM
The Hā Initiative: Creative STEM After-School Program’s Kalihi STEM Exploration Center students rolled out the First LEGO League competition mat and built Lego game-components for the season’s “Animal Allies” theme. Participants came up with exciting and fun missions such as, ‘help the polar bear get across dissolving ice to his igloo home’ and ‘help give the dog food and water while its owners are away on a trip.’ The challenge for students was to design, engineer, and program robots to complete each mission. To simulate the excitement and intensity of a real robotics competition, Mr. Chris made ‘extra free time’ as the reward, set a 30 second time limit, and played music while announcing the play-by-play of the student’s robotics bouts, just as it would happen at a real competition.

Kids and parents came by to join the ‘stadium’ of spectators, and cheered the competitors’ progress. In the end, gracious professionalism was shown as each of the teams shook hands of their rivals.

“With LEGO robotics competitions coming up, it’s never to soon to get your head in the game!” said 3rd grader, Butchie.

Kupuna Learn About Fall Prevention

Photo of Leahi Kupuna- Fall Prevention
Mike Hirano from Project DANA gave a presentation on Fall Prevention for the Leahi District Service Center’s Kupuna Independent Life Series at Wisteria Vista. Factors for kupuna falls include blocked walkways, poor lighting, and vision problems. Everyday household items such as rugs or wires could also cause kupuna to trip and fall. Walkways that are often used, such as those to the kitchen or bathroom, should be clear to avoid falling. Rooms that have poor lighting should be re-evaluated to ensure that kupuna are able to see when they enter. Mike also emphasized that kupuna should get their eyes checked if they have trouble seeing. Having good vision is helpful in preventing falls.

The senior residents learned that in the United States, one third of seniors aged 65 and older fall each year. They also learned that 51 percent of deaths among kupuna in Hawaii are caused by falls that occur at home. These falls and resulting deaths are preventable through awareness and education promoted by programs such as Project DANA. Project DANA provides free Home Assessments, case management, transportation, home visits, and caregiver support for seniors. For more information, please call (808) 945-3736.

Mike wrapped up his presentation with tips on fall prevention for seniors:
– Have your medications reviewed. Some medications could cause drowsiness, which increases the likeliness of a fall.
– Have your eyes checked. Having your eyes checked can ensure that you are able to see where you are going.
– Make your home safe. Clear regularly used pathways and make some modifications to your home, if needed.
– Stay active and exercise. Seniors who are sedentary can do simple exercises, such as stretching, so that blood continues to circulate in their body.
– Sit up straight at the end of your chair. Let your blood flow for a moment. When you are ready, stand up using the armrest for support. Stand for a moment and feel it out.
– If you feel dizzy, it’s because you stood up too fast and your blood is rushing to your head. Take a seat and do some stretching before attempting again.

A big mahalo to Mike Hirano and Project DANA for their service to all our kupuna!

HCAP Continues Partnership with Work Furlough Programs

Photo of Work Furlough Staff
HCAP’s Central District Service Center and the Kalihi-Palama District Service Center staff recently met with the counseling staff and management from the Module 20 and Laumaka work furlough programs to discuss ongoing partnerships.

Both District Service Centers have been working with the work furlough programs for over ten years, providing much needed services and support to participants who are transitioning back into the community.

Each participant is enrolled into the Na Lima Hana Employment Core Services program and is offered employment preparation and job development activities. These activities includes pre-employment training, career goal planning, understanding job applications, how to prepare and dress for an interview, what to expect at an interview, mock interview sessions, budgeting, basic computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel), resume building and job placement to unemployed and underemployed individuals.

Participants are also assisted with transportation, hygiene products, purchasing work-related items, filling their taxes, applying for health care coverage, program incentives and most recently HCAP’s new Hale Kākou- Rent, Deposit, and Utility Assistance Program.

The collaboration between the two District Service Centers and the work furlough programs have been very rewarding to both HCAP and the work furlough participants. HCAP is very excited about continuing to provide support to future participants and the staff.

Kalihi-Palama District Service Center Staff Share Information About HCAP

Photo of Kalihi-Palama
HCAP’s Kalihi-Palama District Service Center was invited to the Ka’ewai Elementary Parent Child Fun Morning to present on community services available to parents and children in Kalihi.

Staff were given the opportunity to tell attendees about all the programs available to them through HCAP. They spoke about the new Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing program, Hale Kākou, which generated a lot of interest. The staff also shared that HCAP can help with disconnection notices for gas or electric year-round through the Emergency Crisis Intervention Program. The parents were invited to call or visit the office if they need any assistance. Everybody who attended seemed to learn something new about HCAP.