Income Tax Services

In partnership with the IRS and as part of the Hawaii Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) & Financial Empowerment Coalition, HCAP’s Income Tax Services/ Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) program helps working families and individuals get the federal tax credits they have earned. In 2015, over $1.3 million was brought back into our community through this program.

  • Staff and volunteers are trained and IRS certified have a basic understanding of tax law and the TaxWise software.
  • The EITC program runs from the first weekday in February through the first full week in April.
  • To qualify to use our services, filers should have an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) of about $55,000 or less and be filing a relatively simple return. The tax preparation and filing services are free of charge to those who qualify.
  • Because of our focus on the federal credits, we do not file state-only returns, but Hawaii state tax returns are e-filed with the federal returns when requested.
  • Filers can make an appointment at any of HCAP’s five District Service Centers or the Corporate Office.

HCAP has also incorporated an online component that offers FREE online tax preparation and filing of federal and state returns to taxpayers with less than $62,000 AGI. offers an easy, fast, and secure method to prepare and file your taxes electronically, utilizing the H&R Block At Home software. This national initiative is sponsored and supported by the WalMart Foundation, Goodwill, the United Way, and the National Disabilities Institute.