Youth Services

Contact Information

1132 Bishop Street, Suite 100
Honolulu, HI 96813
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Phone: 808-591-1766
Fax: 808-591-1768

Program Description:

The Youth Services Program helps youth 16 to 24 years of age to obtain their Hawaii Adult Community School Diploma using the Competency-Based Community School Diploma Program (C-Base) developed by the Department of Education.

Download our Youth Services Brochure (PDF)

The C-Base program consists of two phases:
Phase I involves the successful completion of five units:
(1) Health; (2) Government and Law; (3) Consumer Economics; (4) Community Resources, and (5) Occupational Knowledge. Classroom attendance allows students to gain life skills that will enable them to become productive community members and increase their employability.

In Phase II, participants will demonstrate their improved life skills, readiness to accept responsibility, and ability to move forward as “functionally competent” members of their communities through at least one of the following outcomes: (1) acceptance for post-secondary educational training; (2) employment; (3) obtaining or possessing a marketable skill; or (4) demonstration of home or life management skills.

At the end of the program year, students who successfully complete the program receive their community school diploma in a graduation ceremony.