Hale Kākou – CARES Act Assistance Program

Until further notice, rental, mortgage, and utility assistance services through the Hale Kākou Program are SUSPENDED. No new applications will be processed at this time. 

If you have already applied to the Hale Kākou Program and your application is pending approval, no action is needed. All pending applications will be revisited subject to future funding availability.

Funded through the Community Services Block Grant CARES Act Federal Funds, HCAP is providing rent, mortgage, and utility assistance for those individuals and households impacted by COVID-19 through loss of employment, reduction of work hours, or other pandemic-related challenges.

Purpose: Homelessness Prevention and Energy Crisis Intervention
Provides: Rent, Mortgage, and Utility Payments
Method: Assistance will be provided by direct payment made by HCAP to landlords, prospective landlords and/or utility companies.

Please call ahead for more information:

Central District Service Center: 488-6834
Kalihi-Palama District Service Center: 847-0804
Leahi District Service Center: 732-7755
Leeward District Service Center: 696-4261
Windward District Service Center: 239-5754

In order to make the application process smooth here are a few tips:

  • Gather all requirements together.
  • Take a picture or scan documents to the device you will be using to  submit your documents.
  • If you are taking a picture of the document try to put it on a dark  background and make sure picture is as clear as possible.
  • Documents sent as pdf are preferred but if you do not have pdf send as  jpg.

Required documents:
1. I.D. card for applicant
2. Social security card numbers for all household members
3. Income verification documents for all household members
4. Proof of hardship (May include, but not limited to, pay stubs, documenting  pre/post COVID-19 income, unemployment approval letter, layoff letter  and rent past due notice.)
5. Client statement on how they were affected by COVID-19.

The following documents may be required based on the assistance requested:
1. Past due utility bill (electric, gas, water)
2. Current utility bill
3. Lease/rental agreement
4. Relevant past due rent notice
5. W9 from landlord

View the Hale Kākou Flyer (PDF)