HCAP WEEKLY April 11, 2022

Leeward Mother Pursues Medical Field Opportunities with HCAP Programs
HCAP Utility Assistance Helps Households Keep Power On
Sorting by Color with HCAP Head Start Pauoa

Leeward Mother Pursues Medical Field Opportunities with HCAP Programs

Derrealyn first visited HCAP’s Leeward District Service Center to apply for utility assistance through the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. During intake, she also expressed interest in Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services and a career in the medical field. “She always had an interest in the medical field since high school,” Leeward Community Services Specialist Karley Santos explained, “What fueled her most was when she became her grandpa’s caregiver.”

Derrealyn’s experience caring for her grandfather had first led her to taking a caregiver position with a home care provider. However, the emotional toll of caregiving eventually became too much for Derrealyn – she would build relationships with and care for her patients,  “and the next day they would be gone,” Karley explained. Derrealyn decided to take a break from caregiving and focus on raising her children while doing other jobs. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Derrealyn was in the middle of a high-risk pregnancy with her fourth child. Her work hours were cut and it later became unsafe to work during her pregnancy at all. Money became tight for Derrealyn’s family and her education was on the back burner when she decided to reach out to HCAP for assistance. 

After hearing about Derrealyn’s interest in the medical field, Leeward District staff helped her enroll in the Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program. Derrealyn was interested in vocational training through HCAP partner Professional Healthcare Educators (PHE). PHE had a convenient location close to Derrealyn’s home and offered a certification program in her desired field.

Derrealyn was accepted into PHE’s phlebotomy program and qualified for vocational training tuition assistance through Nā Lima Hana. She is excited to get back into the healthcare field in a capacity that will still allow her to help others while providing stability for her family. Derrealyn plans to use her certificate to work in a diagnostic lab setting in the future. 

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HCAP Utility Assistance Helps Households Keep Power On

In recent months, HCAP’s District Service Centers have experienced an influx of community members reaching out for emergency utility assistance. These households have already had their gas or electricity disconnected by the time they seek help and have found that the process of restarting utility service involves more than paying past-due bills. Reconnecting utilities requires a portion of a deposit, reconnection fee, and outstanding balance to be paid. Coming up with the funds to cover the reconnection cost becomes an additional obstacle for households already struggling to pay their bills. 

In February, Solomona reached out to HCAP’s Central District Service Center for assistance with the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) after his electricity was disconnected. He was on a fixed income and had a health condition that required the use of an electric-powered medical device at night. When Solomona’s sister moved back to Sāmoa in 2020, he was unable to keep up with the payments himself. 

With support and encouragement from HCAP’s Central District Service Center, Solomona was able to come up with his portion of the reconnection costs and work with HCAP for emergency utility assistance to have is electricity reconnected. Solomona is grateful for HCAP’s Central District staff and their diligent work assisting him with reconnecting his electricity.

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Sorting by Color with HCAP Head Start Pauoa

This week, the keiki of HCAP Head Start Pauoa learned the mathematical concepts of sorting and grouping. To expand upon their lesson, Owen, Kaiden, Ginikachi, and William employed their logic and fine motor skills to sort shapes by color using color-coded hula hoops.

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