HCAP Weekly April 20, 2020

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ECS Participant Obtains Employment as Security Officer
Head Start Parent Receives Wraparound Services
Salt Lake Pre-Plus Head Start Holds Fatherhood Engagement Event

ECS Participant Obtains Employment as Security Officer

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Jamie-Alice came to HCAP’s Windward District Service Center excited and eager to integrate back into society. She had been struggling with substance abuse for many years. Through setbacks and hardships, Jamie-Alice had finally come to terms with her addiction and was able to get the help she needed to begin her recovery.

Following her recovery, Jamie-Alice wanted to re-enter the workforce, having had a lot of valuable experience and strengths to offer. Upon hearing her story, Windward District Service Center Community Worker Cory enrolled her into the Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services (ECS) Program. During Job Readiness Training, Cory helped Jamie-Alice develop a resume tailored to her skills and employment history.

Jamie-Alice was very focused, motivated, and determined to obtain employment with a reputable security company. She immediately made contact with previous employment agencies and submitted her application. Cory offered support services by following up with Human Resource departments to ensure that Jamie-Alice’s applications were processed for employment.

Jamie-Alice’s hard work paid off. Soon afterwards, Jamie-Alice successfully obtained employment as a security officer with American Guard. With the help of ECS funds, Windward District Service Center staff was able to purchase Jamie-Alice work attire. In her new position, she is able to work independently, patrolling the grounds of a nearby college. In light of the COVID 19 pandemic, Jamie-Alice’s employment has been deemed safe and essential, providing her with a successful path to continue on with her journey.

Not only did Jamie-Alice obtain employment, she was able to find appropriate housing to accommodate all of her children, enabling her to maintain custody of all of them. She continues to be an active member of the community, participating in family events, dancing hula, going to church, and keeping in close contact with Windward District Service Center staff.

Today, Jamie-Alice is almost 8 months clean and sober. She continues to work hard at maintaining her sobriety. She expresses gratitude for the blessings in her life, saying that she is “thankful for the Lord for all of these programs that help individuals with getting a job, and grateful for HCAP and their programs and services.”

Head Start Parent Receives Wraparound Services

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HCAP’s Leahi District Service Center first assisted Marcenda in 2018, when she enrolled her son in the Head Start Program. In December 2019, she was grateful to receive Christmas gifts for her household of ten through Adopt A Family. This year, she returned to the Leahi District Service Center to have her taxes filed as part of the Income Tax Services/ Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Program and encouraged a number of her friends and family members to do the same.

Marcenda will soon be enrolled in the Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services (ECS) Program as she is seeking a better job to support her family.

Marcenda is a valuable client as she consistently shares her positive experiences at HCAP with her immediate community. In fact, she has gone the extra mile and accompanied others during their visits to the Leahi District Service Center. Marcenda is thankful for HCAP’s resources and will continue to direct others in need to HCAP.

Salt Lake Pre-Plus Head Start Holds Fatherhood Engagement Event

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On March 13, 2020, a Salt Lake Pre-Plus Head Start classroom held a fatherhood engagement activity. In alignment with their curriculum study that focuses on healthy foods, sustainable living, and the importance of recycling, the fathers worked together to build garden beds for their children to grow fruits, herbs, and vegetables.

The soil, seeds, and plants were provided by Kamali`i Ola i ka Aina, a local organization that provides training and resources to Head Start teaching staff on Farm to Early Childhood Education practices and techniques. The wooden planks used to make the garden beds were obtained at no cost from Reuse Hawaii.

HCAP Head Start would like to thank these fathers for volunteering their time and for showing us all what positive male role model engagement looks like and can accomplish.