HCAP WEEKLY August 1, 2022

Mother of Five Pursues Education to Become a Better Role Model
Windward Family Back on Their Feet with HCAP Programs
HCAP Head Start Back in Session

Mother of Five Pursues Education to Become a Better Role Model

Sheena first contacted HCAP’s Central District Service Center in September 2021 after her hours at Shiro’s Saimin Haven were reduced due to COVID-19. Though her husband continued to work full time, it had become increasingly difficult to provide for their five children with her reduced income. Sheena told Central staff that she had put off her own education and interests in the past to focus on supporting her family, but had always wanted to work in the healthcare field. “Sheena felt it was time to pursue her dreams – she wanted to be a better role model for her children. To show them that furthering their education is achievable and important,” said Sheree Maldonado, Central District Community Services Specialist.

Sheena was referred to the Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program and participated in job readiness training. Through Nā Lima Hana, Sheena qualified for tuition assistance to attend the phlebotomy training program at Professional Healthcare Educators. By November 2021, Sheena completed the course and began job searching.

Central District staff continued working with Sheena during her job search by sending her new employment opportunities and supporting her through the application and interview process. In April 2022, Sheena was hired at Clinical Labs of Hawaii. Nā Lima Hana was also able to provide Sheena with the scrub tops and slip-resistant shoes she needed to begin her new career.

Since then, Sheena has completed her 30, 60, and 90 day employment milestones. HCAP also provided school supplies to Sheena’s children in partnership with Helping Hands Hawaiʻi’s annual Ready to Learn program. Sheena is “ecstatic” to finally be working in her dream career and hopes her success will continue to encourage her children to always reach their goals. Central District Service Center staff are proud of Sheena’s accomplishments and look forward to seeing her reach 180 days of employment and beyond.

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Windward Family Back on Their Feet with HCAP Programs

After being laid off from their jobs, Hailima and Noelani contacted HCAP’s Windward District Service Center for assistance with past-due electric bills. The family qualified for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) emergency Energy Crisis Intervention (ECI) and was able to receive help with their past-due payments. ECI is offered year-round to qualifying households whose electricity or gas have been or will be disconnected. 

Windward District staff also encouraged Hailima and Noelani to apply for HCAP’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) to assist with lowering future energy bills. WAP staff visited the family’s home to conduct a home energy audit and assess which energy-efficient measures could best help them increase efficiency and cut costs. The family was happy to learn that they qualified to receive both a solar water heater and energy-efficient air conditioning unit through WAP. 

Hailima and Noelani also enrolled in HCAP’s Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program and quickly found new jobs with the Hawaiʻi State Department of Education. Hailima has now surpassed 180 days as a custodian at Hauʻula Elementary School, while Noelani has been thriving in an administrative position at Kaʻaʻawa Elementary School.

 “The family of five continues to work towards self-sufficiency and is busy getting their keiki ready for the upcoming school year,” said Sonny-Jean Preston, Community Services Manager at Windward District Service Center. The family recently had a chance to stop by Windward District Service Center again, this time to pick up school supplies for their children through this year’s Ready to Learn program.

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HCAP Head Start Back in Session

On Tuesday, August 2, HCAP Head Start returned to the classroom for the 2022-2023 school year. The keiki started off the year by reading books, playing outside, and getting to know their new teachers and classmates. They are all looking forward to a great year of learning ahead. 

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