HCAP WEEKLY August 7, 2023

Support for Maui
HCAP Client Encourages Others to Apply for Weatherization Services
Long-Time Kumuhonua Participant Finds Permanent Housing
Head Start’s First Week Back to School

Support for Maui

The Honolulu Community Action Program stands with the people of Maui and pledges our support in Maui’s recovery. We grieve with those who are suffering from loss and send our appreciation to the first responders, volunteers, and organizations who are aiding those in need.

Please join us in supporting the fire relief efforts and consider donating to:

Hawaii Community Foundation – Maui Strong Fund

Maui United Way – Fire and Disaster Relief

Maui Food Bank

Maui Humane Society

Hawaii Red Cross

#LahainaStrong #MauiStrong

HCAP Client Encourages Others to Apply for Weatherization Services

Jacquelyn first heard of HCAP’s services through a handful of friends. She applied for HCAP’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) earlier in the year in hopes of assistance with replacing her old, damaged refrigerator. Its seal was hanging from the bottom of her refrigerator door and she suspected it was using more energy to store cold air. She was excited to hear that she qualified for the program and enjoyed learning about energy efficiency with the WAP staff during her home audit.

During the visit, WAP staff also installed small, energy-saving appliances such as a low-flow kitchen sink aerator, LED light bulbs, and a low-flow shower head for her bathroom. In further efforts to ensure safety in her home, WAP staff installed a smoke alarm and assessed her kitchen stove as well. With her existing setup, she was using a single-burner propane stove to cook and prepare meals every day. She didn’t feel safe using her regular stove and shared that there were issues with its back burners.

In the following weeks, Jacquelyn was grateful to learn that she was approved for a brand-new refrigerator and stove replacement at no cost to her family. She is thankful for all the knowledge and appliances she has received through the Weatherization Assistance Program.

Jacquelyn hopes that sharing her story will encourage others to apply for HCAP services and know that these resources are available in the community. Jacquelyn states: “My experience with HCAP was very satisfying. They made us a top priority in helping us get the assistance we needed. I am so happy with my new stove. We were using a portable stove because our old one needed to be fixed. The Weatherization Program is also very educational and teaches you how to cut back on your electric use. I definitely would recommend this program to others because they are a tremendous help. The staff is very helpful and encouraging. Thank you so much HCAP!”

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Long-Time Kumuhonua Participant Finds Permanent Housing

James successfully moved out of HCAP’s Kumuhonua Transitional Living Center this July. In April he was approved for a Section 8 voucher and has been working closely with his case manager, Makamae, seeking a suitable living unit. James has been a participant at Kumuhonua for over four years, so this is a marvelous milestone because of the effort, resilience, and patience for him to finally obtain permanent housing. His case manager made sure to check in often to ensure that he was well taken care of, help him gain access to different resources/aides, and help him apply for numerous housing opportunities.

Through the many ups and downs, participant James was able to make an effort with his case manager in making sure he could be approved for the Section 8 housing opportunity. Due to his desire to reside in a metropolitan area, James requested that he wanted to find a place that was within the downtown Honolulu area. With the help of Dorris, a worker at the Section 8 office, and the landlord manager, James was able to find him an affordable apartment unit near Ala Moana. James was extremely pleased to find out about this place and was appreciative of the extensive amount of work that Makamae had put into helping him find permanent housing.

James has been through a lot, suffering from alcoholism, depression, chronic pain, and heart problems. Luckily, in addition to being permanently housed, James has chosen to attend therapy and obtain the help and care that he needs. Makamae shares she is proud of James for cooperating with her to allow her to find the housing unit he currently has. Even though he may not fully express it, she knows that James is ecstatic to have his own residence now.

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Head Start’s First Week Back to School

It is the first week of the 2023-2024 Head Start & Early Head Start school year and the keiki are learning new routines and making new friends! From engaging in large group activities such as circle time to playing in centers, keiki are developing their social-emotional, cognitive, and fine motor skills. The development of these skills is vital to our keiki’s continued growth and early childhood education. It provides them with a solid foundation for a fun and engaging school year!

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