HCAP WEEKLY January 3, 2022

Hard Work Pays Off for Single Father from Leeward Oʻahu
Windward Woman Overcomes Employment Barriers with HCAP Programs
Head Start Keiki Express Emotions with a Colorful Project
HCAP Programs Help Elderly Couple Stay Safe Through Pandemic

Hard Work Pays Off for Single Father from Leeward Oʻahu

Bertram’s story with HCAP began in 2020, when the single father from Waiʻanae was participating in the ʻOhana Ola o Kahumana transitional housing program. Kahumana program staff connected Bertram with HCAP’s Leeward District Service Center and Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program. Through Nā Lima Hana, Bertram completed Job Readiness Training, created a resume, learned budgeting skills, and started exploring different employment opportunities.

During this process, commercial driving emerged as the career path that aligned best with Bertram’s skills and interests. The only problem was that he did not have a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL). Obtaining a CDL requires a higher level of knowledge and experience than a typical driver’s license and is necessary for operating larger vehicles like trucks and trailers. Potential CDL drivers often need to complete driving courses through a vocational school to prepare for licensing.

However, Bertram was not discouraged. Providing a better life for his children and grandchildren was his motivation to take the first step and contact Leeward Community College for more information on the Commercial Motor Vehicle Training Series

Bertram was able to receive tuition assistance through Nā Lima Hana for vocational training and started the process of obtaining a CDL. He successfully completed the CMV Training Series courses and officially became a licensed commercial driver in 2021. Bertram hopes to continue on the commercial driving path and eventually start his own business. 

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Windward Woman Overcomes Employment Barriers with HCAP Programs

Cara first visited HCAP’s Windward District Service Center in October 2020. At the time, she was staying in a clean and sober home and making plans to achieve self-sufficiency. Windward staff referred Cara to the Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program to help her start getting back on her feet. 

One of the major obstacles Cara faced was obtaining a valid Hawaiʻi State ID and copies of other personal documents she would need to secure employment. The Nā Lima Hana program assisted Cara with the process of getting her new ID and also worked with her to complete Job Readiness Training to improve her resume and interview skills. Cara then began applying for jobs and soon accepted a full time position with the Salvation Army

However, a pending work clearance left Cara’s future uncertain. She had successfully completed state-mandated courses while in the clean and sober home, but there was a delay in processing her documentation. Cara explained her situation to the Salvation Army and was relieved to learn that her position would be held while she waited for approval from the state.

After a long wait, Cara started work. This month marked her successful completion of 90 days on the job. Windward staff continue to offer support and encouragement on Cara’s journey of personal and professional growth. 

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Head Start Keiki Express Emotions with a Colorful Project

This week, the HCAP Head Start keiki of August Ahrens II listened to the book Scribble Stones during morning circle time and completed a creative learning activity to go along with the story. 

The keiki learned about the different ways emotions can be expressed through colors and facial expressions. They also described their own emotions and how they each express them before creating their own “scribble stones.” 

During the activity, students talked about how they wanted their stones to look and then chose the colors and materials to best express their idea. Some of the keiki planned to give the stones to their parents like in the story, which said to “give the stone away to make happiness grow!”

HCAP Head Start & Early Head Start is now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year! For more information, Click Here.

HCAP Programs Help Elderly Couple Stay Safe Through Pandemic

Last summer, Francisco reached out to HCAP’s Leahi District Service Center for help with past-due electric bills. After losing his job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was struggling to keep up with household expenses while caring for his family. 

Francisco is the primary caregiver for both his elderly wife and their young grandson. Because medical conditions made his wife more vulnerable to severe illness, the worsening pandemic situation meant the couple could no longer leave the house safely. Francisco needed to find a way to provide for the family without risking COVID-19 exposure that could put his wife in danger. 

Leahi District Service Center staff provided Francisco and his wife with wrap-around services, enrolling the couple in the CARES Act-funded Kōkua Food Assistance and Hale Kākou programs. Through these programs, Francisco and his wife qualified to receive food boxes for homebound seniors and were approved for assistance with unpaid electric bills. 

When it became safe enough for Francisco to leave the house, he contacted Leahi District staff to suspend food box deliveries and enroll in Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services. Nā Lima Hana assisted Francisco with Job Readiness Training and he soon found work in a Waikīkī restaurant. The program also provided him with a Holo Card and work attire to ensure a smooth transition into his new workplace. 

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