HCAP Weekly November 10, 2014

Photo of Ko`olaubots

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HCAP Honors Veterans on November 11, 2014
Hā Initiative Students Compete in FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition
SCSEP Helps to Form Bonds for the Holidays
HPU Nursing Students Aid and Assist at the Leeward District Service Center
Na Lima Hana Helps Participants Pursue Their Interests
HCAP Fiscal Department Supports #GivingTuesday with 100% Staff Participation

HCAP Honors Veterans on November 11, 2014

HCAP Veterans
HCAP is proud to employ U.S. Military veterans. This year, HCAP chose to highlight a few of our employees on Veterans Day.

Bob Dahilig, Technical Projects Coordinator, served 6 years in the US Navy, holding a position as a Data Systems Technician. He was awarded the Command Technician of the Month four times at the Naval Ocean Processing Facility on Ford Island. Throughout this service, Bob was stationed in San Diego, San Francisco, and Pearl Harbor. He was schooled in Norfolk, Virginia and traveled throughout the Western Pacific.

James “Jojo” Upega, Na Lima Hana Program Coordinator, served 6 years in the US Army. Throughout his service, he held a title as an E-4 Specialist.

Phil Sales, Head Start Bus Driver, served 10 years in the US Army, holding a Sergeant position. He was awarded the Army Achievement Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and FEMA Service Award. Throughout his service, Phil was stationed primarily in Hawaii, though he travelled to various locations throughout the US.

Ace Tufu, Kalihi-Palama District Service Center Manager, served 30 years in the US Navy, attaining the position as Command Master Chief. He served aboard several submarines on the East and West Coasts and a surface ship in the West Coast. He served and participated on numerous extended deployments in Europe (Mediterranean area) and the Western Pacific, and has been to locations including Japan, Korea, Italy, Israel, India, Spain, Guam, Canada and Turkey. He was awarded the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, multiple Navy Commendation medals, multiple Joint Defense and Navy Achievement medals and awards.

Hā Initiative Students Compete in FIRST LEGO League Robotics Competition

FIRST LEGO Competition
**Submitted by Ms. Heather, Windward STEM Exploration Center Teacher

The Hā Initiative’s Windward STEM Exploration Center Ko’olaubots competed in their first LEGO robotics competition Saturday, November 8th, at Maunawili Elementary School. Five students in grades 4 to 6 proudly wore their FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team shirts as they awaited the beginning of presentations.

The team was in good spirits when they started out on their first task, the interview on FLL Core Values. “We were so nervous!” they told me. “They gave us the teamwork task of untying a Human Knot. Once we began talking to each other, we were able to untangle ourselves.” After overcoming the first hurdle, the team was much calmer going in to the Project Presentation.

When discussing the topic for this year’s FLL Project Presentation, “How can we improve the way someone learns about…?”, the team had overwhelmingly chosen video games. However, it was important for the team to identify “who” the someone was in the question. After brainstorming about people who would be interested in improvements to the video game field, the team came to a collective decision to investigate how they could improve video games for the blind community. They opted to go the technological route by creating a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation. Within the presentation, they discussed developing “audio games” that expanded the video gaming world to those who see with their hands, and came up with two creative engineering designs for audio headsets and game controllers. After presenting their ideas to the judges, the Ko’olaubots flashed me a thumbs up.

Next came the event everyone was looking forward to: the Robot Games. The first-year Ko’olaubots had designed their robot to be light, speedy, and focus on doing a few missions well: opening the Door, pushing the Changing Conditions model to a ninety degree angle, and scoring a goal on the Football mission. They also presented their Apprenticeship model to the judges: an audio headset from their presentation. Team members went up in pairs to compete in the tournament. Each team member had a chance to position the robot and set it off into the course of obstacles.

On the shuttle ride home, we discussed what we had learned. “Don’t forget the ball!” was a popular one accompanied by laughter. Unfortunately one hiccup that happened during the tournament was when the robot had been set off into the course without its ball to shoot into the Football goal. I told them I was proud of their positive attitudes and evident teamwork during the tournament. The judges also commented on their ability to work well together and praised the innovation behind their presentation ideas. “Next year will be even better,” we agreed, now all veterans of the FIRST LEGO League.

SCSEP Helps to Form Bonds for the Holidays

The holiday season can be a time of joy or a time of loneliness for seniors. One of the joys about the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), in addition to the income seniors are able to earn, is the added sense of “family” developed. Through their SCSEP community service assignments, bonds are formed and friendships are made. Participants who have no family have mentioned that they have spent Thanksgiving Day and/or Christmas Day with another SCSEP participant(s) or other co-worker(s) that they’ve met at their SCSEP training site. To hear this is very heart-warming and brightens the holiday spirit.

In addition, HCAP would like to congratulate one of our very own SCSEP participants Sarah. Sarah has been assigned to the Alternative Structures Ulu Ke Kukui Kitchen as a Program Aide for almost two years. As a very hard and dedicated SCSEP trainee, Alternative Structures recognized the good worker in her and decided to hire her as part of their team. Sarah will now begin the holiday season with a new job, starting at the beginning of November, as a Kitchen Helper/Van Driver. Congratulations Sarah!

On behalf of the SCSEP staff, we would like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season.

HPU Nursing Students Aid and Assist at the Leeward District Service Center

HPU Leeward
Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) nursing students, who partner with the Leeward District Service Center visited “the bush” near Waianae Boat Harbor to assess non-urgent health concerns of the homeless, they found the woman suffering in pain and unable to walk. When they assessed this woman’s situation and found it urgent, they consulted Professor Dal Tannenbaum, an on-site faculty member, to confirm what they believed to be an infection. After examination, Professor Tannenbaum diagnosed it as cellulitis and ordered for her to be taken to the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center (WCCHC) immediately.

The emergency room at WCCHC confirmed this individual indeed had cellulitis, a skin infection that ran the length of her leg to the knee, and issued her two rounds of IV with antibiotics. She was also identified with hypokalemia, where there is not enough potassium in the bloodstream. Since she was newly homeless, this woman was without health insurance; however, she was able to register with WCCHC while in treatment. After her release from the hospital, HPU students went back into the bush to make sure she was stable continued to check on her on a weekly basis.

Without the quick thinking of nursing students and Professor Tannenbaum, this woman’s infection could have migrated to her bones, causing her to lose the ability to walk. Today she is doing much better and appreciates the continued concern and support from her HPU friends.

HPU nursing students are part of the Kupuna Independent Life Series and the HCAP Leeward Health Center. The HCAP Leeward Health Center is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for non-emergent healthcare and chronic disease education. Drop-in or call the Leeward District Center at 696-4261 for an appointment.

Na Lima Hana Helps Participants Pursue Their Interests

Angel went to the Leeward District Service Center to volunteer and he discovered that HCAP offered employment services. Angel was enrolled into the Na Lima Hana- Employment Core Services program and was informed of the program milestones, incentives and goals. Soon, he was employed part-time as a security guard for a cruise ship at Aloha Tower, and later became interested in finding a more stable, full-time position.

Angel attended and completed Job Readiness Training (JRT) in August. Between doing his volunteer work hours, meeting with a caseworker, attending JRT classes, and job searching, he was able to apply for various jobs within his interest.

Angel applied for a lifeguard position at Wet & Wild Hawaii Water Park and was called in for an interview. Upon completion of his training and a written exam, Angel was hired as a full-time lifeguard in September 2014.

After sharing his love for water with HCAP staff, he expressed his hopes to eventually become a lifeguard with the City or State. Congratulations Angel!

HCAP Fiscal Department Supports #GivingTuesday with 100% Staff Participation

HCAP Fiscal
Congratulations and mahalo to the Fiscal Department for 100% of their staff contributing to #GivingTuesday!

Overall, our goal on #GivingTuesday is to raise $2000 in monetary donations, with 100% of our staff contributing with a personally meaningful donation.

As a team, we are excited to make the most of this giving season. Below are upcoming events that will be highlighted for HCAP’s #GivingTuesday 2014.
November 14th – Last day to turn in any donated items to Youth Services
November 20th – Leeward District Service Center Kupuna from the Kupuna Independent Life Series and HPU nursing students will be doing a community service project with Leeward Integrated Health Services
November 21st – Kalihi-Palama District Service Center Ohana Produce Food Distribution Coverage
November 24th – STEM robotics show at Avalon Nursing Home in Kalihi
November 28th – Thanksgiving luncheon for the homeless at Waianae Boat Harbor, clothing giveaway, and lunch provided by Ulu Ke Kukui and HPU nursing students
Other – Windward District Service Center Fix-Up Project; HCAP Head Start card-making for Shriner’s Hospital