HCAP WEEKLY November 9, 2020

HCAP to Participate in #Giving Tuesday 2020!
Kupuna Independent Life Series Continues During COVID-19 With Drive-By Classroom Services
HCAP Client Encourages Nephew to Enroll in Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program
HCAP Head Start Keiki Learn About Their Five Senses!

HCAP to Participate in #Giving Tuesday 2020!

From now until December 1, 2020, HCAP will be holding its annual #GivingTuesday campaign to celebrate generosity throughout the giving season! As a calendar day dedicated to giving, #GivingTuesday creates a community that encourages others to give more, give smarter, and to celebrate the spirit of contribution. And on a more personal level here in the islands, #GivingTuesday embodies the spirit of Aloha. It’s a day that reminds us that we are an ohana and we must all work together to make positive change happen. For this year’s #GivingTuesday campaign, our goal is to bring hope and inspiration to our communities during this difficult time.

This year, we’d also like to use #GivingTuesday as a platform to spread awareness of all the ways you can give back to your community by creating an #Unselfie video campaign. We are encouraging everyone to participate in this video campaign and share your videos with us via social media!

For your #Unselfie video, you are encouraged to:

1. Make a short video for #GivingTuesday

2. State clearly how you give back to your community

3. Encourage people to donate to HCAP!

4. Tag us on social media @hcaphi and we will share your video on our Instagram stories!

5. Make sure to share your video by #Giving Tuesday which is on December 1, 2020.

Please also consider supporting HCAP on this day of giving so we can bring housing, employment opportunities, food assistance, education, and more to our communities. Now more than ever we need your support to help families during the pandemic. Click here to donate to HCAP!


Kupuna Independent Life Series Continues During COVID-19 With Drive-By Classroom Services

Since late September, HCAP’s Leeward District Service Center seniors have been participating in a drive-by classroom for the Kupuna Independent Lives Series. Every Friday, seniors drive by the Leeward District Service Center to pick-up an education packet, a lunch bento, and available items through the food pantry.  Seniors are also provided with fact-based information on COVID-19, which provides important safety precautions for seniors and those with underlying health issues.  Their educational packets also include puzzles, simple recipes, and exercises that can be done during the pandemic. When seniors arrive at the Leeward District Service Center, they are asked to stay in their car.  Staff members bring education packets and bentos to the cars, take attendance, and provide seniors with any other support they need.

Although the drive-by classroom isn’t a replacement for our regular in-person classes filled with health education, socialization, support groups and crafts, seniors are grateful for the brief encounter every Friday. The Kupuna Independent Life Series also continues it’s wonderful partnership with Hawaii Pacific University’s College of Nursing to provide health education and services to our seniors.

Many kupuna from the community have contacted the Leeward District Service Center to sign up for the Spring Semester, which begins at the end of January.  Hopefully by then kupuna will be able to return to the classroom, but until then our staff continues to provide support, education, and resources to keep our kupuna healthy, safe, and engaged during this time.

Interested in joining our free Kupuna Independent Life Series? Call our Leeward District Service Center for more information: 808-696-4261


HCAP Client Encourages Nephew to Enroll in Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program

Nerio first learned about HCAP five years ago through a friend. He was a recipient of last year’s Helping Hands Hawaii’s Adopt a Family Program during the holidays. Through this partnership, Nerio’s family was connected to generous donors in the local community and received holiday gifts for his entire household. They also benefited from HCAP’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) Program in the past years, which assisted with payments toward their household utility bill. 

Based on his positive experiences with HCAP, Nerio has recently encouraged his nephew, Endino, to enroll in HCAP’s Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program. Endino is one of many who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19. Through this program, he will have access to a variety of services such as basic financial literacy education, job readiness training, resume development and interview coaching. With this program, Endino hopes to seek jobs to enhance his skills in the culinary field. HCAP’s Leahi District Service Center is eager and excited to assist Endino in finding employment during these challenging times.

For more information about HCAP’s Leahi District Service Center, visit: https://www.hcapweb.org/leahi-district-service-center/ 



HCAP Head Start Keiki Learn About Their Five Senses!

If there’s one thing we all know, it’s that keiki’s education can’t wait. That’s why our HCAP Head Start Program is making sure that keiki are still being provided with engaging, educational activities that will help them stay on track with their learning and developmental goals. Here are some activities that keiki engaged in last week to learn about their five senses!

Romanytus and Lilia from Waipahu II identified their five senses (smell, touch, sight, sound, and taste) by looking through newspapers and magazines for pictures that matched their senses. Romanytus worked together with his mom by cutting and gluing the pictures on a poster board. He also had lots of fun sharing how he uses his sense of taste to enjoy his favorite foods! Meanwhile, Lilia made a poster and discussed how she uses her five senses with her mom! Keep up the good work Head Start keiki!

HCAP Head Start keiki Kennedy gained understanding of her own five senses by observing an apple!  She was able to work together with her teacher through Zoom. While exploring her sense of sight, she was able to identify the color red and the shape of the apple. With her sense of smell, she was able to bring the apple close to her nose and describe the scent, and for a delicious treat she was able to enjoy tasting the apple.