HCAP WEEKLY October 12, 2020

Client Laid-Off Due to COVID-19 Gains New Employment and Receives Solar Water Heater Along with Other Weatherization Services
Weatherization Assistance Program Offers Energy Saving Tips While Staying at Home
Fun With Science: Hā Initiative Students Learn Chemistry With Slime!
HCAP Head Start Keiki Develop New Skills at Home!

Client Laid-Off Due to COVID-19 Gains New Employment and Receives Solar Water Heater Along with Other Weatherization Services

Arlette originally contacted Windward District Service Center to inquire about HCAP’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). HCAP’s Community Worker Cory, and WAP Program Coordinator Georgette, worked with Arlette to complete her application and she qualified for a solar water heater, showerheads, smart power strips, LED light bulbs, and a smoke alarm.

During her intake with staff, Arlette also shared that she had been laid-off due to COVID-19.  She expressed interest in receiving assistance in finding a job, and wrap-around services were immediately offered. Through HCAP’s Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program, Arlette successfully completed all intake and job readiness training via email and phone.  Cory also helped Arlette to update her resume and they worked together on online job searches.  

Due to the ongoing shutdowns, the job search became increasingly challenging. However, Arlette persisted in her employment search and kept in close contact with Cory.  With Arlette’s continued effort and perseverance, she was able to obtain employment at a nearby public school, as a Cafeteria Worker.  Arlette was also offered another job opportunity with the United States Postal Service and is in the process of completing all necessary requirements for employment. Arlette’s journey is still ongoing and she will continue to receive additional services from HCAP’s Windward District Office.

This is truly a remarkable success story of community action!  Arlette’s story shows that although we are all faced with challenges, we as a community can help each other weather these difficult times together. 

HCAP remains committed to helping our communities grow stronger in the face of adversity.

To learn more about our Weatherization Assistance Program, visit: https://www.hcapweb.org/weatherization-assistance-program/. To learn more about our Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services (ECS) Program, visit: https://www.hcapweb.org/na-lima-hana-employment-core-services-program/.

For more information on Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services (ECS) Program, please visit: https://www.hcapweb.org/na-lima-hana-employment-core-services-program/

Weatherization Assistance Program Offers Energy Saving Tips While Staying at Home

With families and individuals staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19, more electricity and gas will be used in households instead of at business, public spaces and schools. Here are some energy saving tips from HCAP’s Weatherization Assistance Program to help you and your ohana keep your energy bills down:

  • Switch to LED light bulbs which save more energy than incandescent bulbs.
  • Open windows to enjoy the trade winds or utilize a fan instead of an A.C. unit.  If you need to use air conditioning, make sure the windows and doors are closed.
  • Whenever possible hang dry your clothes, instead of using the dryer. 
  • Unplug electronics when not in use. 
  • Switch to smart power strips to use the least amount of energy when using household appliances
  • Use natural light by opening curtains and blinds.
  • Check the ‘sleep’ and ‘stand-by’ setting on your computer to ensure energy saving capability.
  • Make more use out of your smaller appliances like toaster ovens, microwaves and slow/pressure cookers. This simple tip will save you more energy than using your stove or oven.
  • With more people being home, limit opening the refrigerator for long periods of time.
  • Whenever possible use Energy Star appliances.

HCAP’s Weatherization Assistance Program can help low-income households reduce their energy consumption and costs. This is achieved through a home energy audit plus household-specific energy efficiency tips and education, and a selection of cost-effective energy efficient measures. Some of those measures may include high-efficiency faucet aerators & shower heads, compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) or Light Emitting Diode lighting (LED), and/or an energy-efficient solar water heater, all provided free of charge.

To learn more about the program and apply, please email: hcapwap@hcapweb.org.

Fun With Science: Hā Initiative Students Learn Chemistry With Slime!

This week the Hā Initiative: Creative STEM After-School Program had a blast while experiencing hands-on STEM learning during their Family Night activities. Students whipped up a set of concoctions including a recipe that made fresh chocolate sauce and a sticky slime. Both creations tie in well as a fun, practical activity to review the subject module’s main theoretical focus: Mixtures and Solutions. 

The chocolate recipe was made up of three common household baking items: semi-sweet chocolate chips, sugar and heavy whipping cream. Students followed along with Mr. James as they put all the ingredients in the saucepan and stirred carefully until it reached a boil. Once the sauce cooled down, the students and their parents got to taste it, trying it out on a number of different snacks, including Honey Nut Cheerios and roasted peanuts. The kids and their parents enjoyed the activity, and we’re pleased to report that most of the chocolate did not make it all the way through the weekend.

Another highlight of the week was the slime students crafted out of household ingredients — Elmer’s School Glue and liquid detergent. This activity was spearheaded virtually by a student and is a perfect example of what happens when you mix solutions together to create a homogenous mixture — or, in layman’s terms: slime.

Want to get in on the fun? Join our Hā Initiative Program by emailing: hcapstem@hcapweb.org.

Want your keiki acquire the skills to be prepared for the future? Sign them up for our Hā Initiative: Creative STEM After-School Program by emailing: hcapstem@hcapweb.org.

HCAP Head Start Keiki Develop New Skills at Home!

HCAP Head Start keiki are getting the hang of distance learning. These young learners have been engaging in all sorts of fun activities to help them continue to develop new skills while learning at home. Here are a few stories of what they’ve been up to!

Ayla from Aiea is working on movement and getting some exercise during her distance learning sessions. Her teachers and parents are incorporating physical activity into Ayla’s daily lessons because evidence shows that associating physical activity and movement with learning increases cognitive abilities.  By following the chalk lines, Ayla is improving her ability to balance, traveling skills, strength, and her coordination!

Kennedy from Halawa is at it again and loving learning! She is practicing counting by coloring the amount of fruit that matches with the number shown to her.  Kennedy also created a collage showing the letter “A” and improved her fine motor skills by cutting along the lines.  Kennedy is developing so many skills while participating in her numbers and letters. Great work Kennedy! 

Bladen and Caysen from Aiea are using a multitude of new skills while making fruit salads and acai bowls. Both Bladen and Caysen met many developmental objectives through the use of mathematics (counting the fruit, patterns, measurement), physical (assisting with cutting to improve gross and fine motor skills), language (following directions and comprehension), and cognition (curiosity, recognition and recalls, and engagement).  This was a great way to gain new skills and after they were finished, Bladen and Caysen got to enjoy their delicious snack!

Even a fun game of hide and seek can spark many developmental skills and promote critical thinking. Head Start Teachers Ms. Stevi and Ms. Michelle sent out their bitmoji’s to  their students. Student’s have been taking their teacher’s bitmoji with them on their daily adventures in their house and backyard. Tamatasi’s Grandma was in on the fun and hid Ms. Stevi and Ms. Michelle’s bitmoji in the backyard. Tamatasi was tasked with finding them in a fun game of hide and seek! What fun!