HCAP WEEKLY October 5, 2020

Waikiki Worker Seeks New Employment Opportunities After Losing Jobs Due to COVID-19
HCAP LIHEAP Program Adjusts to the New Normal in Delivering Much Needed Services
Hā Initiative: Creative STEM After-School Students Gear Up for Robotics By Learning How to Code
A Letter of Thanks to Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Staff
HCAP Head Start Keiki Learn How to Brush Their Teeth Using their Dental Care Kit!

Waikiki Worker Seeks New Employment Opportunities After Losing Jobs Due to COVID-19

Mary initially sought help from HCAP’s Leahi District Service Center early last month. She is one of many people who have been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Earlier this year, Mary was working part-time gigs in Waikiki. But all that changed when the pandemic hit. All of her part-time jobs and gigs have been closed since March and are not expected to open up anytime soon without the usual flow of tourists and visitors. Under the current circumstances, Mary has had difficulty finding a new job and making ends meet. 

After Mary shared her frustration with obtaining new employment, the Leahi District Service Center enrolled Mary in the Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services (ECS) Program. Through this program, she will receive various services such as basic job-readiness training, financial literacy education, resume development, and interview coaching. She will also be provided with job listings and opportunities through the program’s employer partnerships. HCAP is also helping Mary get back on her feet by offering HCAP wrap-around services, such as programs to help her catch up to past due payments toward her living expenses. 

Mary is deeply grateful and wants to share her story with others. She knows that there are many households going through the very same challenges. She appreciates the support provided by HCAP and says that she will do her best to reach her goals.

For more information on Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services (ECS) Program, please visit: https://www.hcapweb.org/na-lima-hana-employment-core-services-program/

HCAP LIHEAP Program Adjust to the New Normal in Delivering Much Needed Services

This year’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Program faced many challenges due to COVID-19. Since the beginning of the program’s inception, LIHEAP was always accomplished via a face-to-face interaction between clients and staff. This in-person delivery of services allowed for clients to apply to the program with hands-on guidance and assistance. But due to COVID-19, this year’s LIHEAP program was executed using primarily digital and postal communication. Because of this challenge, the staff committed to utilizing community partnerships to help ensure that clients who may have challenges applying online, such as the elderly, still had access to the program. The LIHEAP Program also had an extra component this year in the form of additional funding to assist those who were directly impacted by COVID-19. Many of these new clients had never applied for the program before as they normally had jobs and income that would prevent them from qualifying for the program. Understanding this, staff stepped up to the plate to help these new clients, along with returning clients, successfully apply for this year’s LIHEAP Program.

Despite these challenges, this year’s LIHEAP program was implemented successfully and was able to help thousands of individuals and families during this uncertain time. HCAP continues to work on improving our systems of delivering services remotely in order to best help our communities in the months and years to come.

To apply for the LIHEAP Program visit: https://www.hcapweb.org/low-income-home-energy-assistance-program-liheap/

Hā Initiative: Creative STEM After-School Students Gear Up for Robotics By Learning How to Code

STEM students coding

The Hā Initiative: Creative STEM After-School Program students have been working on programming and coding to gear up for the Hawaii FIRST Robotics’s FIRST LEGO League. The students have been programming all sorts of cool stuff including dinner lists, a number game, and graphics which they shared with their teachers and classmates. They have also been learning different coding techniques such as looping, nesting, and adding effects like making an animated person change color, or dance, or walk away. These skills will not only help them when working on robotics, but will also provide them with the tools to succeed as more of the world goes digital.

Want your keiki acquire the skills to be prepared for the future? Sign them up for our Hā Initiative: Creative STEM After-School Program by emailing: hcapstem@hcapweb.org.

A Letter of Thanks to Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Staff

HCAP’s ECS Program Coordinator recently received a letter of thanks from Jonnie, a Nā Lima Hana participant who recently received vocational tuition assistance through Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services for the medical assistant program at Kapiʻolani Community College.

“With the support I have experienced from HCAP I strongly recommend their program (Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services) to everyone. They are always there for me when I have any questions or concerns, they’re resourceful in finding answers for me very promptly, and they have been with me every step of the way through this program. They always check in either through emails or just a simple phone call to check on my progress or to see how I’m doing emotionally and mentally. 

HCAP’s application process was very clear and easy to follow. The team members were extremely helpful and attentive in answering any questions. I’m very pleased and grateful that this program has not only helped fund my medical assistant program (vocational tuition assistance), but has offered to help pay for other schooling expenses (required class textbooks).”

Our team sends a big mahalo to Jonnie for those kind words and looks forward to helping her continue to achieve her goals.

HCAP Head Start Keiki Learn How to Brush Their Teeth Using their Dental Care Kit!

Personal hygiene is a big part of a keiki’s development, and HCAP Head Start is making sure those pearly whites are nice and clean! Over the past few weeks, our HCAP Head Start keiki have been learning to brush their teeth with the help of their Head Start Dental Care Kit. Here are two stories about how our Head Start keiki are learning how to brush ‘um!

Jaystin from August Ahrens and Kahiau from Kaimiloa received their monthly Dental Care Kit! After learning about dental hygiene with their teachers and parents during a family engagement activity, Jaystin and Kahiau are ready to get to brushing! Their kits came with toothbrushes, toothbrush covers, stickers, dental floss, coloring book, a Brush ‘Um book, and lots of great resources. We can’t wait to see Jaystin’s and Kahiau’s amazing smiles in their virtual classrooms!

Salvador is doing one of his dental activities which teaches keiki about foods that make your teeth happy (foods that are healthy for your teeth) and foods that make your teeth sad (foods that are unhealthy for your teeth). Salvador is able to group “happy” foods such as fruits and vegetables, and “sad” foods such as ice cream, candy, and other sweets. He can even show the facial expressions for “happy” and “sad” which is a great milestone in social-emotional development! Keep those teeth happy Salvador!

For more information about HCAP Head Start and Early Head Start visit: https://www.hcapweb.org/headstart/