HCAP WEEKLY September 21, 2020

Family Impacted By COVID-19 Applies for LIHEAP Energy Crisis Intervention Program
Nā Lima Hana Tuition Grant Recipient Transitions to New Avenue of Employment
Hā Initiative Participants Enjoy an Evening of Scientific Learning and … Pancakes!
Updates on Head Start Activities Taking Place around Oahu

Family Impacted By COVID-19 Applies for LIHEAP Energy Crisis Intervention Program

Photo of Starshalynn LIHEAP

HCAP’s Leahi District Service Center is geared up and ready to re-open it’s offices. The staff at the Leahi District have ensured safety measures are set in place in order to assist our communities during these challenging times.

This week, Starshalynn and her family applied to receive assistance with their energy bills through LIHEAP’s Energy Crisis Intervention Program. Starshalynn and her spouse Tristan have endured financial, emotional, and mental hardships due to COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, Tristan worked full-time at Hawaii Industrial Services. His income alone was able to provide for his family and allowed Starshalynn to stay home and look after their kids. But because of COVID-19, Tristian’s hours were reduced to part-time, which greatly reduced their family’s income.

In order to increase their household income,  Starshalynn now works part-time. She is also responsible for her children’s distance learning. Starshalynn and her family are utilizing all available resources to help them make ends meet. When Starshalynn learned that HCAP offered programs to help with household electric and gas bills, she immediately reached out to the Leahi District Service Center. With guidance from the Leahi District staff, Starshalynn submitted her family’s LIHEAP application and recently received approval for assistance.

HCAP is dedicated to helping families affected by COVID-19.  We are accepting LIHEAP applications for the Energy Crisis Intervention Program until September 30th.

To apply for the LIHEAP Program visit: https://www.hcapweb.org/low-income-home-energy-assistance-program-liheap/

Nā Lima Hana Tuition Grant Recipient Transitions to New Avenue of Employment 


Ruby was working at the Aqua-Aston hotel in housekeeping until she was furloughed in April. A single mom, she was receiving unemployment benefits and wanted to find a way to improve her career with a more financially stable position. She was referred to HCAP through one of our partners — Professional Healthcare Educators — as a candidate for their Nurse Aide Training Program. Ruby was accepted into the program and then requested tuition assistance from HCAP’s Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program for the Caregiver Training School located in Honolulu because they offered in-person training. Ruby successfully registered and obtained her Certification of Completion in August 2020. Her Prometric Exam will take place in early September and once completed, Ruby will be ready for work as a Nurse Aide. Everyone at Central District Service Center is very excited for Ruby as she continues on her journey towards self-sufficiency and independence. 

For more information on HCAP’s Nā Lima Hana Employment Core Services Program, visit our website: https://www.hcapweb.org/na-lima-hana-employment-core-services-program/.

Hā Initiative Participants Enjoy an Evening of Scientific Learning and … Pancakes!

STEM pancakes

This week at the Hā Initiative: Creative STEM After-School Program, a Nita M. Lowey 21st CCLC, another family night took place. In line with their mixture and solutions module, participants made oatmeal pancakes. The recipe for the pancakes did not include a very large ingredient list. In fact, the main ingredients are simply oatmeal and bananas. But what started out as a mixture eventually turned into a solution, providing students with a hands-on experience related to STEM theories. Students took all the ingredients, blended them together, to create the mixture, and continued to blend them until they were smooth — transforming it into a solution. Once the pancakes were cooked, they were quickly eaten up and enjoyed with syrup. After that, the second activity began. This time, liquid fireworks were made, which involved 4 simple household items. Milk was placed in a shallow clear dish with food coloring added shortly after. Then each keiki took a cotton swab with some detergent on it and dipped it into the milk, spreading the colors in patterns throughout the bowl.

For more information about Hā Initiative: Creative STEM After-School Program visit: https://www.hcapweb.org/ha-initiative/

Updates on Head Start Activities Taking Place around Oahu


Lucas from Head Start Jefferson Pre-Plus is really putting his routine into practice. Here, he starts with brushing his teeth, washing his face, and getting dressed.  He makes his bed, reads, folds clothes, and washes some toys. And he doesn’t forget about the importance of daily exercise as he practices his stretches and karate moves. Each of these activities in his daily routine help Lucas to build his gross and fine motor skills, critical thinking, social-emotional, and physical development. 

Jesse from Daniel K. Inouye Head Start is learning all about feelings. By learning about feelings, emotions and how to express them, Jesse is expanding her socio-emotional development. Teacher, Ms. Terri gave a lesson on feelings using the “I Can” book. After some journaling on feelings, Jesse and her mom made a “Feelings Better” jar in which she wrote ideas on how to change her mood when she is feeling angry, sad or frustrated. 

Raven from Hau’ula is deep in thought learning her math and literacy lessons for the week. She learned about big/small, empty/full, patterns, and counting. She’s even learning each of the letters of her name, sound of the letters, and placement of letters in her name based on sound. Wow, look at her learn! And she didn’t forget to get outdoors for a little exercise and fun! 


Kennedy from Halawa is practicing writing her letters through letter tracing. This activity not only helps Kennedy develop her fine motor skills, teaching her how to correctly hold her pencil — she’s also developing her visual-spatial skills which will help Kennedy easily transition into reading and math. With the help of her teachers and mom, Kennedy takes time every week to practice letter tracing. 

Photo of Kennedy