Volunteer with Head Start

Dad's volunteering at Head Start
Volunteering is essential to all Head Start programs throughout the United States. The success of the program depends upon active participation of parents and others in the community. Your knowledge, time, and talent can all contribute to this effort.

By volunteering, you will become familiar with our HCAP Head Start program, see its strengths and goals, and help staff make it a fun learning experience for all. There are many ways that volunteers can contribute and each volunteer comes to the program with different experiences, skills, and talents. Each has a unique contribution to make.

Why Volunteer?

  • Volunteers receive work experience, training and support.
  • Head Start parent volunteers in leadership become partners in operating the program.
  • Volunteers pride and ownership in the program extends to the surrounding community.
  • Volunteers provide increased services to children and families.

How to Volunteer?

  1. View our locations page.
  2. Find a Center near You.
  3. Contact the Center in person or by phone.

Volunteer’s Role

  • Be a Positive Behavioral and Language role model
  • Expand on children’s learning
  • Interact with children at child’s level
  • Provide positive guidance techniques
  • Follow Dress Code of School
  • Appropriate professional behavior
  • Record-keeping (Sign Volunteer In-Kind forms)

Areas of Assistance

Circle Time

  • Sit on the floor, side by side, or behind the children during circle time
  • Encourage participation
  • Redirect child’s attention
  • Use appropriate voice volume when redirecting or encouraging children.
  • Participate and have fun too!

Meal Time

  • Help with hand washing and standing in line.
  • Assist with fork and napkin settings.
  • Sit and talk with children during meals.
  • Model good table manners.
  • Assist with clean up after meals.
  • Settle children down after meals.

Center Time

  • Observe and/or interact with children.
  • Redirect negative behavior.
  • Remember safety for the students as well as you.

Outdoor Play

  • Maintain a safe environment.
  • Interact and/or redirect children to appropriate areas of play.