Income Tax Services

In partnership with the IRS and the Hawaiʻi Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Financial Empowerment Coalition, HCAP’s Income Tax Services and Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) Program helps working families and individuals get the federal tax credits they have earned. In 2019, over $1.2 million was brought back into the local community through this program.

2022 HCAP Income Tax Services & Earned Income Tax Credit Program
HCAP will be providing free tax preparation assistance to eligible Hawaiʻi residents from February 1 – April 10, 2022 
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Who is eligible? The program is open to Hawaiʻi residents with an annual gross income of $66,000 or less in the 2021 tax year. Resident aliens must have a Green Card and Social Security Card.

Who is not eligible? Returns cannot be processed for: active duty military; landlords or anyone who owned or sold investment real estate in 2021; partnerships, corporations, multi-member LLCs, and recipients of K-1 forms showing income; farming or fishing businesses; businesses with employees, including sole proprietorships, claiming a loss; visa holders and other individuals who are not residents of Hawaiʻi.

How does the process work? Participants will visit an HCAP tax preparation site to submit intake forms and all required tax documentation. Trained volunteers will then complete the return for participants to pick up the following week.

Can HCAP help me file the completed return? Yes. Volunteers will first review completed returns with each participant to ensure accuracy. Participants will then be able to complete IRS Form 8879 allowing HCAP to e-file the federal and state returns on their behalf.* Participants will also receive a hard copy for their records.

*Participants filing joint returns with a spouse who passed away in 2021 are not able to e-file Hawaiʻi state tax returns. In this case, a second hard copy of the state return will be provided for the participant to file by mail.

What documentation should I bring? Participants must show Photo ID and Social Security Cards for each individual who will be listed on the return, along with the originals and one (1) extra copy of all tax documents.

Examples of Tax Documents include: W-2, Social Security Benefits Statement, Unemployment Benefits Statement, Retirement Benefits (1099-R), Interest Earned (1099-INT), Dividends Earned (1099-DIV), Form 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC for self-employment* or independent contract work, statements of mortgage interest and real property taxes paid on a primary residence, etc.

*Self-Employed individuals must have a General Excise Tax License and provide income and expense calculations.