Board of Directors

The HCAP Board of Directors is the governing body of the organization, responsible for oversight of all agency affairs. HCAPʻ’s Board of Directors is tripartite: one-third of the members represent the Public sector, one-third of the members represent the Private sector, and one-third of the members represent the Resident sector.

This unique Board structure allows all voices in the community to be represented, in order to help HCAP deliver the best programs and services possible to the communities we serve.

2022-2023 Board of Directors


Edward Mersereau, Chair
Terrence H. Aratani, Esq., Vice Chair
William Shiroma, Secretary/Treasurer


Frank J. Lopez, Governor’s Representative
Colleen E. Minami, Mayor’s Representative
Terrence H. Aratani, Esq., Office of Senator Henry J.C. Aquino
Sen. Glenn Wakai., Office of Senator Glenn Wakai
Blake K. Oshiro, Esq., Office of Council Member Calvin K.Y. Say
Rep. Linda Ichiyama, Esq., Office of Representative Linda Ichiyama
Rep. Mark J. Hashem, Office of Representative Mark Hashem


Chanelle Johnson-Kim, Head Start Policy Council
Edward Mersereau, Central District Advisory Council
Lillian Segal, Central District Advisory Council
Pauni Nagaseu-Escue, Kalihi-Palama District Advisory Council
Anne Chipchase, Leahi District Advisory Council
Candy Matautia, Leeward District Advisory Council
Virgil Amoroso, Windward District Advisory Council


Roxanne U. Bolden, Aloha Independent Living Hawaii
William Shiroma, Bank of Hawaiʻi
Sheri Arima, Hawaiʻi Department of Education
Joanna Markle, Hawaiian Electric Company
Mani Sehgal, Hawaii Pacific University
Donald Aweau, Kilinaʻi Consulting
Elmer K. Kaai, Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce