What is HCAP?
HCAP: Honolulu Community Action Program, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that has been serving Oahu’s economically disadvantaged population since 1965.

What does HCAP do?
HCAP offers many programs and services to assist individuals and families gain self-sufficiency. Annually, HCAP impacts over 20,000 individuals and families on Oahu.

What is HCAP’s mission?
POI: Providing Opportunities and Inspiration to enable low-income individuals or families to achieve self-reliance.

What programs does HCAP offer?
HCAP offers programs and services in these six major program areas:
1. Early Childhood
2. Employment
3. Education
4. Economic Development
5. Emergency & Transitional Programs
6. Community Development & Advocacy

Who is eligible for these programs?
Eligibility for individual programs varies based on specific guidelines set by funding organizations. For information on specific programs, please contact the program directly.

Where does HCAP have their programs?
HCAP delivers programs and services across the entire island of Oahu. Our Head Start program serves 1,526 preschool children annually. They are enrolled in 76 Head Start classrooms or in one of our Home-Based programs. HCAP Head Start main program offices are located in Dillingham and Kunia. In addition, there are five District Service Centers strategically located on the island: Leeward, Central, Kalihi-Palama, Leahi, and Windward. The HCAP main office is located in downtown Honolulu.

How does HCAP help people become self-sufficient?
HCAP uses a client-centered approach to assist individuals gain self-sufficiency. The process starts with an assessment of each client’s needs followed by the setting of goals and identifying means and methods to achieve them. The goals reflect the desired self-sufficiency benchmarks set by each client. Referrals to relevant programs and services are then made to guide each client along his/her chosen path towards attaining self-sufficiency.

How does HCAP determine self-sufficiency?
Although self-sufficiency levels are defined differently by each client, HCAP generally identifies individuals or families as self-sufficient by their independence from any public assistance.

Where does HCAP’s funding come from?
HCAP’s funding comes primarily from federal, state, and city contracts and grants. The remaining portion comes from private foundations and resources.

Who is on HCAP’s Board of Directors?
HCAP is governed by a Board of Directors composed of 21 individuals with equal representation from the low-income community, public and private sectors.