HCAP WEEKLY April 8, 2024

Head Start Families Building Together
An Employment Success Story with the Kalaeloa District Service Center
Central District Service Center Assist Seniors Prepare Taxes

Head Start Families Building Together

The Head Start keiki at the Ewa II classroom completed a study on buildings and architecture. Families were provided with supplies and materials to build a structure with their children as part of their at-home family engagement activity.

Teva and his mom built a replica of the classroom using cardboard, styrofoam, straws, popsicle sticks, and more. Noah and his family built one of the old buildings on Renton Road in Ewa. Other keiki built similar replicas of the old building and the well-known green wall that is also on Renton Road in Ewa.

Several families expressed excitement about their ideas throughout the process of picking out supplies and building together as a family. So much joy was seen from the keiki as they each shared what they created with their family.

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An Employment Success Story with the Kalaeloa District Service Center

Ranta has been a participant with the Kalaeloa District Service Center since August of 2023. Over the past several months Kalaeloa’s staff have worked with him to find employment at a company that he could see himself having longevity with and that will allow him to financially provide for his family of five.

After his continuous efforts through the Nā Lima Hana – Employment Core Services, Ranta secured employment with the USS Missouri in the engineering department and has now been with the company for more than 60 days. He has expressed his joy about being able to save money and eventually be able to find a new place for his family. Ranta is very excited about this opportunity and strives to put his best foot forward. His goal is to one day apply for a management position. The Kalaeloa District is so proud of the success that Ranta has found and will continue to work with him and his family to provide needed services to help them achieve self-reliance.

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Central District Service Center Assist Seniors Prepare Taxes

Dave and Twyla are young seniors who have worked all of their lives. In January, Dave and Twyla waited for their tax forms, but they never came. Dave contacted the Social Security office for them to mail over copies of their tax forms, but by the time they finally received their tax forms, it was already the beginning of April.

They were very familiar with the free VITA Program and since they have used the service for several years. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, Dave has had a hard time finding a free VITA tax site to help them prepare their taxes. Since many of the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) sites familiar to Dave closed, he began calling around for assistance. Dave called all over the island, but could not get an appointment at any of the free VITA sites.

Dave was very worried because they could not afford to pay to get their taxes prepared by privately owned tax offices since they now live on a fixed income. Dave finally called HCAP’s Central District Service Center and after speaking with the Central District’s manager, Katy, they were able to schedule an appointment on the same day.

Dave and Twyla were able to get their taxes prepared and electronically filed at no cost. Dave expressed his gratitude to the staff and said that they were a blessing. Dave said that although they are only eligible for the state tax credits, the refund is huge to their household, and appreciated how the staff at the Central District cared about their community.

Central District Service Center has helped many seniors living on a fixed income prepare their taxes so that they could receive state tax credits. This year the Food Tax credit was raised to $220.00 per qualified individual. This year, Central District had the pleasure of assisting many new clients while preparing their taxes and helping them receive the maximum refund available for free. These funds will go back into our community and help those that need it most.

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